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The New Year’s Eve Wishing Wall


There’s Max viewing some of the wishes on the NYE Wishing Wall. I was SO excited to do this!


At the Times Square Visitor Center you can get information about where to go, see the centennial NYE Ball, learn more about Times Square, and during this time of the year you can write a wish on a piece of confetti that will be dropped from the top of Times Square on New Years Eve!


So we did! I won’t share our wishes, because you never know- they just may come true! (And if that happens, then I’ll share them ;) )


We went here in the early afternoon & it was empty! Perfect for us to look around. We also learned about the history of Broadway & the crazy “Peep Show” style streets from 50 years ago.


Times Square Alliance is a website that will guide you through finding tickets for Broadway shows, local music, restaurants divided by price, style and types of food, and more must see venues around Times Square. They even let you build an itinerary of what to do that you can print out! I used the website to quickly search through restaurants and look up shows. Since we were there for such a short period of time we didn’t use it but it’s still worth checking out if you’re headed up to NYC.


What are your wishes and hopes for the New Year?

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[vimeo w=500&h=375]

Here’s a video of the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit we went to at the Discovery Museum in Times Square =) See my post below for the pics & details!

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Dead Sea Scrolls & 10 Commandments

On the morning of our second day in NYC, spur of the moment we decided to go to an exhibit of the Dead Sea Scrolls & 10 Commandments in Times Square. It was minutes away from Millennium Broadway and I am so thankful we got to go.

No photos were allowed but I still managed to take a few. They do not do justice to everything we saw- not even close.

We saw the pagan coins that the money changers were using when Jesus flipped the tables, the types of stones that David would have flung at Goliath, artifacts such as jewelry, pottery and glass designs used by Jewish, Christian and Islamic communities, bone cases, menorahs and some of the first inscriptions of Jesus’ name in Aramaic- AND MORE all before we even got to the scrolls!

It was overwhelming, we could have easily spent all day there. If you are thinking about going I encourage you to go, you will not be disappointed. 

As well, there was a replica of part of the Western Wall in Israel. As in Israel, we were able to write our prayers on small pieces of paper and stick them in the cracks & crevices of the wall. Our prayers will be sent to the real Western Wail in Israel in 2012. The opportunity for meditation and reflection was a special part about being at the exhibit for us. 

The scroll containing the 10 Commandments was only on display for 2 weeks and that is the last time it will ever be in North America. What an amazing thing to see! The laws that have shaped civilizations as well as the core of myself & Max’s beliefs. (Photo above is a bath tub by the way)

This was taken from the top steps as we went down to the scrolls. It was even more meaningful for us to be here during the Holiday season. This is what the Holidays are about for Max & I and our families- far more than the decorations, carols and Christmas trees.

During our time there we were able to pray, ponder & think about the real reasons for celebrating. Thank you Max for taking me! 

The following 4 photos of the exhibit are from the Discovery Times Square Museum website. 

The pot in the middle is one of the ones the scrolls were discovered in.


Beginning of the exhibit

Rows of artifacts to discover & learn about.

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Swing46 Jazz Club

Using the Times Square Alliance website, I found an off Broadway live jazz performance for us to go to. The location: Swing46

Inside was decorated mostly red & black, very dim and comfortable.

There was a stage & a huge dance floor. The musicians play, take a break and then you get a swing dance lesson and the music resumes for dancing.

Just a mirror pic on our way out…

After jazz we went to a dessert bar called Kyotofu. I wanted to try their food as well so I ordered the green tea buckwheat soba noodles with tofu and for dessert we had soy ice cream & sweet saki! Yumm! I could not get quality photos inside because the lighting was SO dim (I didn’t bring my Pentax cam). The place was very tiny, modern and chic. I recommend it!

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Times Square

Watch the video on youtube or vimeo!

This photo shows how bright it is in Times Square, at 10pm

My camera!

The Toys’R’Us ferris wheel!

Next posts: Jazz club, seeing the Dead Sea Scrolls, Carnegie Deli & moreee!

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Oh Christmas Tree

At Christmas play and make good cheer,
For Christmas comes but once a year
~Thomas Tusser

Our first visit to the Rockefeller Christmas Tree was before & after going to the Top of the Rock. The next day we went again so we could have a better chance of seeing the tree up close & getting clear photos.

It was so beautiful! Much prettier than the two major trees on display in DC at the Capitol & the Ellipse. As you can tell, our plan worked well- no crowds!

hey handsome :)

Bundled up! This trip was the first time I wore my new winter coat. ^_^

Although Max & I could not be together on actual Christmas Eve & Day, this trip was something just as special! Celebrating togetherness, the holidays and the accomplishments of completing our first semesters in Law/Grad school. 

Watch the video from our trip on youtube or vimeo.

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A Christmas Wish Come True

Another couple offered to take our photo, how nice of them :)

More giant decorations!

Oh hey Max, cool Urban Outfitters pants. Wonder who helped you pick those out ;)

We did this & it was magical, at sunset anyway ;)

Swarovski designs jewelry & oranaments modeled after the star on top of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree- how pretty! I remember going to this exact spot because when my family & I would visit NYC at Christmas because my dad would get my mom the star necklace.

The Swarovski Star

There was a major sale at J.Crew- an extra 30% your entire purchase & we got great deals. Max got these awesome ties & I got my favorite long sleeved shirts.

(Sorry Max- still posting this one! haha) These photos were taken throughout our second day in the city. Time went went by way too quickly!!

But we haaaddd to go into the Lego store

There are amazing displays made entirely of legos, including this dragon that goes around the entire store.

(lol Max!)

A lego display of Rockefeller Center- there’s the ice skating rink

(Had to take this photo quickly!)

The real ice skating rink

We <3 NYC! Max & I have always wanted to go on this trip. So happy we got to go this year, a Christmas wish come true :)

Watch our video on youtube & vimeo

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Top of the Rock

NYC continued…

We went to the Top of the Rock at 4:15 so we could capture the view of the city from sunset to glowing at night.

There are so many levels and areas to look out that we didn’t have a problem finding a space to get a clear view. Many people also go to the top of the Empire State building, however, if you’re on top of Empire State you can’t get it in your photos! The top of the Rockefeller Center building was a much better choice. Definitely buy your tickets in advance online.

So beautiful

Also very windy & chilly

Keep me warm! 

Central Park

Next post: Times Square!

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