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Hi - New blog


A few months ago I accidentally deleted this blog and later was able to restore it. I now post on (still on a tumblr platform)…so please follow me there if you are interested in my new posts!

Thank you!


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Field Trip!

It doesn’t matter how old I am, field trips are always fun. :) Last semester for my Book and Journal Publishing course we took a two hour drive to Harrisonburg, Virginia to visit RR Donnelley, a book publishing plant. We had a tour of the entire facility and it was incredible to see just how much goes into creating a book. When I browse through bookstores I now have a greater aptitude to appreciate the covers, leaflets, binding, etc.

This semester I have a Copyright Law course so our field trip was to the US Copyright Office. 

Very beautiful day!

On our tour we sat down for a lecture about the history of copyright and learned the functions of the US Copyright Office and their correlation with the Library of Congress.

The largest card catalog in the world. The cards date back to the late 1700s and if you search you can find cards hand signed by some famous authors. 

As well, there are certain cards in the catalog from the Civil War where “United States” is crossed out and “Confederate States” is handwritten over it. I hope the Office puts these types of artifacts on display, they’d get a lot more visitors! 

My Copyright Law course has been growing on me and from working part time I definitely see how it’s benefiting me. I use a lot of what I’m learning for the work projects I’m developing. It’s up to me to make sure that we follow legal guidelines for anything I create or implement.

In fact, it wouldn’t be overstating it to say that everything I’m learning in my graduate program has influenced and helped me at my job, in networking with fellow publishers and developing my career overall. Truly a wonderful program! I can’t believe I’m almost halfway finished…

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The grass is greenest where it is watered.

Robert Fulghum

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My Birthday: Dinner - Part 2

The beginnings of one of my all time favorite meals: Max’s taco recipe! It’s saying a lot because I rarely ever eat steak and this is one of the few times I actually crave & enjoy it. 

In between my final on this evening and walking all around Georgetown earlier (see previous post) I didn’t even have to think about dinner. Max had everything prepared starting from that morning with marinating the meat. 

Cooking in one of the grad housing kitchens. 

This recipe calls for a lot of spices and was inspired from a Mexican place Max used to go to in Tennessee where he would always order the Tacos Auténticos.

A man who can & loves to cook =) 

Almost ready…

The meal was so fresh & delicious, I loved every bite!

I was quite taken away with my gift as well. It’s handmade, thoughtful, useful & meaningful.

It’s my Nook sitting in a custom made case- a 50th anniversary edition of The Hobbit by Tolkien. This gift completely captures my career pursuits in publishing & my personal reading life: digital vs. print. Now, I have both! As well, behind the Nook there is a beautiful illustration from the book. I can’t tell you how much I love to read. All my books from ebooks to hardcover, are like my friends. Fellow reading lovers, you understand.

(My other gift from Max is a surprise.) And yeah, I had a final this day and the week was hectic and the original plans for my birthday sold out…twice…but you know what, things don’t always have to go according to plan. Events sell out, it rains, buses are late…who cares! That’s what I’m learning right now: if things don’t go according to plan, don’t freak out. Once it’s not going to happen, just move on and don’t let it ruin what else could be good (or even better), there’s so much to appreciate. Max wanted nothing more than to celebrate me on my birthday & I love him for it. I mean hey, I even got to wear a crown. 

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Albert Pine: ”What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others, and the world, remains and is immortal.”

Read more:

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My Birthday - Part 1

March 8 was the most beautiful day of 2012 so far in DC! The weather was perfect. It was warm enough to wear a dress, the sun was shining and flowers were opening up all over the place. We started the day with breakfast at La Madeline & my Uncle came by to tell me Happy Birthday too.

This photo of a magnolia tree was taken right outside the Old Stone House on M Street.

Continuing down the shops I HAD to go to Anthropologie so I could buy myself a little gift: the latest issue of Uppercase Magazine. 

On our walk to Georgetown we passed so many pretty houses, even some colorful ones.

Above is one of the entrances to Georgetown University. The aesthetic differences between GW & Georgetown are huge. GW uses some historical landmarks for classrooms but overall their buildings feel much more modern in comparison to Georgetown. The campus feels like Hogwarts and it’s very tucked away from everything else. Inside Healy Hall the classrooms have a very ‘ivy league’ feel plus chandeliers and since it is a Jesuit founded university there is a crucifix in every classroom. The GW Graduate Center I attend classes at is literally brand new. Maybe I’m bias but I love the rush of being at GW right in the midst of city life. And it’s the only school that offers my Master’s program so I’m glad to be a Colonial. :) 

We came in hopes that the garden area in the courtyard would be in bloom so we could enjoy the beauty of it and take photos, however, they were not quite there yet. I’ll be sharing the photos we took there anyway in a later post.

As always, even if we have a plan I never know quite what to expect when Max and I are together. That fact makes for a lot of fun & many interesting moments.

So here we are peeking in on McSherry Hall, a tiny historical building now utilized as place for students and faculty to pray and meditate. There was a woman inside and she happened to leave a few minutes later so we entered in…

The key is kept in a small drop box in the door so entering and exiting is all on the honor system- something rare in DC. I signed the visitor book & we went on to explore the room.

Inside was simple with a low table, some chairs, two windows, meditation pillows and books on countless religions and philosophy. The pamphlets inside encouraged choosing a mantra to meditate on. My mantra for this year is actually just one little word: nurture. As 2012 progresses I can really see how my focus on this concept is really playing a big role in my life.

Max found a Tibetan meditation bowl and was familiar with what it was and how to use it. I’m always learning something new with him! After a few minutes I got the hang of it and the sound was very nice and peaceful. 

Our walk home…

Awesome mural.

Our last stop was Dean & Deluca to get the limes for my special birthday dinner…

which is the next post! :)

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